Tips for Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

Tips for Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

Tips for Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

March 1, 2021
Tips for Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

Whether you are renovating your property or just updating the décor flooring is an essential consideration. There are so many variations to choose from on the market – materials, construction, sizes, finishes, grades, styles and colours – it can be a daunting task to select the ideal flooring but it can make a fundamental difference to the style, comfort and practicality of any interior space.


For the past decade or so, engineered wood flooring has become an increasingly popular choice. It provides all the aesthetic benefits of a solid hardwood floor but with a whole host of practical advantages – and is much more cost effective as well. 


With a top layer of real wood the appearance and texture matches that of a solid wood floorboard, but a composite base of other materials it is more stable and durable.


When planning to buy engineered wood flooring, there are certain things to consider and here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect engineered oak flooring for your home or commercial space.


How thick is the wear layer?


The thickness of the wear layer is crucial if you want your flooring to last longer. The engineered wood flooring is made up of multi layers along with a top hardwood layer, also called the wear layer. This structure lends the engineered boards strength and hence they are more durable. 

The wear layer can vary between 3mm to 6mm, which can make quite a difference - the thicker the top layer the longer it will last as it can also be rejuvenated by sanding and resealing. This is a measurement that should be readily available to you before you purchase.

In addition, there are low-priced options of engineered oak flooring available on the market where the wear layer is crafted of wood strips. We would always recommend that you should always go for a single strip top layer, constructed using a single piece of timber. 


Check the quality and depth of the core


This is the rest of the construction of the board, underneath the top wear layer. A good quality core of engineered wood flooring is constructed of multi layers of plywood that give it its strength and stability. It is also great for areas prone to temperature changes or where there may be high humidity. Avoid cheaper options which may only have just one or two layers in the core. You should always ensure you know the total thickness of a board so you can compare between products and suppliers.


Pre-Finished Boards vs Untreated Boards


Engineered wood flooring can be purchased either untreated or pre-finished. 


Unfinished boards allow you to stain or treat them how you decide which is useful if you have specific requirements in mind. 


However, that can be costly, time consuming and messy – and there are so many finished options available now you may find it simpler and quicker to choose from the vast array in the market. 


Pre-finished boards are finished by the manufacturer using either oils or lacquers, natural or coloured. They can save you money and time and provide an instant finish to your room. Before you purchase though, check whether the finish is easy to maintain or not, whether it is stain resistant and how resistant it is against the wear and tear.


Length & width of floorboards


The length and width of the engineered wood floorboards you select for your home is also important to create the style and impact you are looking for. Longer, wider boards are great for large open spaces such as hallways and herringbone boards are increasingly becoming fashionable as a real design statement.

At One Step Beyond Flooring, we are specialists in quality flooring. We have a handpicked collection of top brands, offering a wide choice of products, material, finish and colour options. Explore our exclusive Bespoke Woodflooring, or pre-finished engineered wood ranges, to find the perfect choice to transform your home or office.

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